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Danny DeMichele

About Danny DeMichele

Danny DeMichele started his career at the young age of 20 when he started his own online nutrition website. After selling his nutrition website in a large stock deal, Danny learned that if they go under so does he. It was a tough loss but he has realized the value of mistakes and uses them to his advantage in his future ventures. It was after he was named the 169th fastest growing company for his company eVisibility in 2010's Inc. Magazine that Danny realized he had an ability to grow something. Eventually eVisibility was sold to LSF Network.

Danny DeMichele is currently the CEO of as well as the Executive Chairman of Quiverr. Elevated is a fast growing digital agency that believes in giving their clients an open and honest look at what will work for them in internet marketing. Quiverr works with large companies like Ebay helping them find ways to keep their brand on top in the marketplace. He believes in training and learning from the best employees. He is very adamant that these relationships are the backbone to the kind of business he runs. While some employees have moved onto their own ventures, friendships and professional relationships with Danny are something he works hard to maintain.

With 20 years in the industry and growing and investing in companies that have succeeded, there are the ones that haven't. Danny DeMichele doesn't believe this to be a bad thing. Any mistakes that he has seen or come across have helped to shape his understanding and knowledge of the industry and better offer his clients experience that will be invaluable to them. There is no I in team with Danny DeMichele and his team spirit will continue to drive his work.