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Danny DeMichele

Danny DeMichele is an Online Marketing Guru

Savvy,hardworking,innovating, and cutting-edge all describe the online startup guru Danny DeMichele. Danny DeMichele entered the world of online entrepreneurship at just 20 years of age. In 1998, DeMichele started an online nutrition firm that grew to be so successful that he was able to sell it to a larger online international nutrition business. Using the experience gained during his first business venture, DeMichele then became an online marketing consultant to many fortune 500 companies. In 2006, DeMichele founded eVisibility. eVisibility was a roaring success and in just 4 short years grew to become the 169th fastest growing company in 2010 according to Inc Magazine. As a result of its success, DeMichele was able to sell eVisibility to LSF Interactive in 2010. As a result of the acquisition,LSF Interactive is now one of the largest privately owned digital marketing firms in all of the United States. While running eVisibility, DeMichele also co-founded Buy Online, Inc, a furniture sales company, with no startup money. After 3 years, Buy Online, Inc grew to having over $5 million in yearly revenue and DeMichele was able to sell the company while still retaining an active role in the company.

Today, Danny DeMichele continues to work in the online business world with 3 of his own companies. Elevated Internet Marketing is a San Diego based company that helps businesses succeed in the online world. Quiverr helps promote businesses and brands in all of the online marketplaces including Amazon, Best Buy, and e-bay. DeMichele's 3rd business is which seeks to help with the investment and management of business service providers in all aspects of the internet world. Over his lifetime DeMichele has co-founded and invested in over 50 online businesses. He also is a husband and father to 3 children.