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Danny DeMichele

Who is Danny DeMichele

Starting out as a teenage online entrepreneur, Danny DeMichele didn’t give up after going belly up with his first enterprise. He’s created a few successful businesses since then and strives to help others succeed by bringing internet marketing together with investors and entrepreneurs.


In 2010, Inc. Magazine ranked eVisibility, DeMichele’s first internet agency, 169th in company growth that year. But Danny says while he’s enjoyed great successes he’s definitely met some failures along the way that helped him learn how to overcome all the roadblocks to building a business. He currently operates three companies; Incubate Holdings, Inc., Elevated Internet Marketing, and Quiverr.


Operating out of Carlsbad, CA since the 90’s, Incubate Holdings, Inc. is a digital holding company that invests in and manages the business with everything from internet marketing and eCommerce to PR and reputation building.


Elevated Internet Marketing is an internet marketing company that provides expertise in search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, marketing strategies, web development, and paid media.


A full-service brand management company, Quiverr uses the marketplace to identify opportunities for brand improvement and threats against a brand, attack the marketplace with a strong marketing message using first-rate branding, and manage and monitor the brand of improvements and dangers.


Danny DeMichele not only operates his own companies but reaches out to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses too. Working with start ups and tech companies he helps with search engine marketing, reputation management, usability consulting, and general consulting. DeMichele looks to engage in people and relationships using solid business models to market your business, service, or product.